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Ocean View Beach Resort
Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo , Zambales , Philippines | View Map | Ocean View Beach Resort Website
Ocean View Beach Resort has 40 newly renovated rooms with complete facilities for an enjoyable and inexpensive holiday. The roomy conference facility is only one of many reasons why the resort is popu... More

Hotel Policies

    - The rooms and suites have been designed to meet the needs of both business and leisure travelers. All the guest rooms are equipped with a work area and other modern amenities to ensure we provide guests with a satisfying stay.

- The Open Cottage for Day Tour is not free if the guest has a confirmed room reservation.






By making a reservation, you accept and agree to the relevant cancellation and no-show policy, and to any additional terms and conditions that may apply to your reservation or during your stay, including services rendered or products offered. The general cancellation and no-show policy is made available on our website at the hotel information pages, during the reservation procedure and in the confirmation email. Please note that certain rates or special offers are not eligible for cancellation or change. Please check the room details thoroughly for any such conditions prior to making your reservation.If you wish to review, adjust or cancel your reservation, please revert to the confirmation email and follow the instructions therein. Please note that you may be charged for your cancellation in accordance with the cancellation and no-show policy. We recommend that you read the cancellation and no-show policy carefully prior to making your reservation. Cancellation of the booking 3 days prior to arrival date is subject to one(1) room night charge. Cancellation of the booking 24 hours prior to arrival date is subject to FULL PAYMENT charge.


Children 6 years old and below are free of charge. Extra person charge (ages 7 & above) is P200/head in excess of room capacity. Extra mattress charge (single) is P200.


No pets allowed

Credit Card

Ocean View Beach Resort accepts credit cards only for online transactions, cash basis on mode of payment at the resort.


Hotel Facilities

Air-conditioned Hotel Rooms
Swimming Pool
Kiddie Playground
Ocean's Bar
Ocean's 8 Restaurant
Open Cottages
Bahay Kubo (Enclosed Cottages)
Air-conditioned or Open Function Halls
Sari-Sari Store

BAR SUITE ROOMS ( Beach Front Rooms )


Beach Volleyball - Php100/hour
Jetski - Php3, 500/hour
Banana Boat - Php250/head for 15 minutes
Island Tour - P 1,500/Hour
Videoke - Php2000 for 12hours and Php1,000 for 6 hours
Kayak – 1 seater P 200/hour
2 seater P 300/hour


Henna Tattoo
Grill Rental
Souvenir Shop

Beach Entrance Fee:
Php150 for adult
Php75 for children 12 to 7 years old
Free of charge for 6 years old below.

Swimming Pool Fee:
Php100 for adults and children

Cottage Fee (valid for 12 hours only):
Pavilion Tent/Rainbow Cottage(1 table and 6 chairs) - Php1, 000 good for 6 person
Big Hut (Red, Yellow, Blue) - Php1, 000 good for 15 to 20 person
Beachside Gazebo - Php1, 500 good for 6 person
Coco Cottage - Php2, 000 good for 15 to 20 person
Bahay Kubo w/fan (Small) - Php1, 750 good for 2 person
Bahay Kubo w/fan (Big) - Php2, 500 good for 4 person
Guest Own Tent - Php200/tent
Extra Table - Php100
Extra Chair - Php20


Free Wi-fi for hotel guests in the Hotel Lobby Area


Wide and spacious parking available 24/7

Food and Beverages

corkage charge 150 per case of beer
corkage charge 120 per case of soda
corkage charge 50 per bottle of wine or hard drinks

Area Information

We are the first beach located along Lower Kalaklan Road, Olongapo City, Fifteen minutes drive from SBMA.

Important Information

�All rooms are air-conditioned with television and hot/cold water.
�Additional P200 per person is charged for excess room capacity and P100 will be charged for every succeeding hour spent after check-out time.
�Extra Beds are charge P200 per bed.
�Hotel Guests are entitled to use the swimming pool for free.