Explore Barrio Barretto

If you’re into after six activities, food trips, and adventure then Barretto is the right spot for you, experience mingling with different cultures as you dredge into the energy and excitement. The busy streets of Barretto will stimulate your eyes of active celebrations and tickle your taste buds in its diverse Asian to Western menus.

Of course mornings are good as well. Engage in water sports activities and eat your meals while you look out the Bay, sip on your favorite refreshments along the shores of Baloy. Meet and greet the locals and foreigners who choose Barretto to become their lovely abode. Surely, every moment spent in Barretto will leave a special mark in your life.

Subic Philemons Flyboard
Venture into a different kind of excitement with Philemon’s Fly board and Water sports over and beyond the beautiful Baloy coast. Release your tension and let go as you feel the wind in your face and adrenaline rush while riding a jet ski 1800cc with Slicer/ Inner Tube perfect for singles/ couples.

Voodoo Floating Bar
Loosen up, sit back, and enjoy that ice-cold beverage at the same time looking at the lagoon during the sun set with background music to lighten the mood. Mingle with the courteous locals and entertainers, drink and dance the night away.

Immaculate Conception Church
Founded in 1959 by the Catholic Women’s Association headed by the late Sis. Anita Crisostomo. The only Catholic Church located along the highway that has regular schedules for Novenas and Masses. Strengthening the people of Barretto’s faith and promoting comradeship by involving the community in serving.

The Coffee Shop
Established in 1984, The Coffee Shop Restaurant is a well-known local landmark serving various local and international cuisines at very reasonable prices, renowned not for their coffee but for the Jumbo Taco ordered 100% of the time by locals and visitors alike.


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