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Subic was derived from the native word “hubek”, meaning “head of a plow”. The origin of the name was Juan de Salcedo, the noble Spanish conquistador and ravishing grandson of Miguel Lopez De Legaspi while assembling tributes in the area. The evolution of its name transpired when Senior Salcedo repetitively mentioning “Hubek” to “Subiq”. By the time of the American settlement, they too have mispronounced “Subiq” into “Subig”. After a quite a few mispronunciations, the letter “q” was then dropped and changed with the letter “c”, thus the name “Subic”.

Subic Bay is the Philippines top playground when it comes to sports and extreme adventures. Prominent for its diversity in culture, cuisine, leisure and activities that makes an adventure unforgettable. Let the cool breeze welcome you in engaging to fun in the sand, extreme water sports, invigorating treks and amazing visit to theme parks.

Malawaan Park
When on a budget, Malawaan Park is a great place to hang out and spend time with your family and friends. With an excellent view of the Bay, you can bring and enjoy your meal, open spaces for kids to run around, and fishing area for people who finds tranquility hooking the catch of the day.

Boardwalk Area
Located in the Waterfront Area of Subic Bay, this is a go to stomping ground for locals and tourists to catch a glimpse of the sunset and amuse themselves in all sorts of activities. People from all walks of life gather here especially during the New Year countdown to enjoy the festivities and fireworks.

Spanish Gate
The Spanish Gate was the entrance to the original Spanish naval station established in Subic Bay in 1885. The base at Subic-Olongapo was used by the Spanish navy to provide repair, supply, ammunition, and medical support for ships. The Spanish Garrison remained in possession of the Subic-Olongapo base until June of 1898 at which time they were driven out by Filipino forces. The Area was formally occupied by the U.S. Navy in September of 1899 and was abandoned in 1992 when the U.S. failed to renew the Military Bases Agreement.

Magic Lagoon Restaurant
Magic Lagoon Bar Grill and Restaurant, located along Bicentennial Park Rizal Highway SBFZ, famous for their laid back, chill out venue perfect for an after work break. Feast your eyes on various selections of Filipino delicacies and ice cold refreshments. A first-rate bar and grill that specializes in grilled and exotic dishes such as Inihaw na Tahong, Calamares, Tilapia, and Tinolang Manok. The ambiance will surely help you unwind and slow down after a long day’s work, open for 24 hours, who can ask for more.


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